Acustic Kit´s:


*Highwood Custom Drums - UK

Series: 1976 Legacy Beech Kit drums.

22x14 Bass drum

16x16 Floor Tom

13x9 Tom


*KD Drums - UK

Series: K24 birch & cherry, venner Kevasingo african Rose Wood

22x18 Bass drum

16x16 Floor Tom

12x8 Tom


-Ludwing WFL model from 1949

14"x 6.1/2

-Highwood Snare - beech Legacy model


-KD Snare Segmented model

14"x5" Solid Oak

-KD Snare Birch model


Palmo exotic venner.


Bigdog + DW + Tama + Gibraltar

Electronic Accessory - ROLAND


Multipad Sampler Roland SPD - SX 


Electronic Drum Kit:


KT 10 Bass drum

PD-8 Pads

Electronic Drums System - DDRUMS 4 SE


Ddrums 4 SE signature edition kit - Clavia


Trigger DDrums for Kick and Snare.


Electronic Drum Kit:

14" Bass drum

12" Floor tom mesh head

3 x 12" Tom mesh head

14" Snare mesh head

2 x Cymbals ddrums system

1 x Hit Hat electronic system

Rack system ddrums


Ride Crash 20" A custom Zildjian

Ride 18" Avedis Zildjian

Crash 17" A custom Zildjian

Hit Hat 15" Avedis quick beat Zildjian

Crash 16" Alchemy model Istambul

Crash 17" Evolution HHX Sabian

Splash 10" Agop model Istanbul

Hit Hat 14" Istambul

In Ear System


*Shure SE 425 In ears headphone.

*Ultimate ears superfi 5 extended bass.

*Mixer for monitors.



Click Control System


*Akai sampler XR20




*Promark 5A

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