Acustic Kit´s:


*Highwood Custom Drums.

Series: 1976 Legacy Beech Kit drums.

22x14 Bass drum

16x16 Floor Tom

13x9 Tom


*Gretsch Drums

Series: Round Badge (Vintage)

22x14 Bass drum

16x14 Floor Tom

12x8 Tom


-Ludwing WFL model from 1949

14"x 6.1/2

-Gretsch Round Badge from early 60´s


-Highwood Snare - beech Legacy model


-KD Snare Segmented model

14"x5" Solid Oak

-KD Snare Birch model


Palmo exotic venner.


Bigdog + DW + Tama + Gibraltar

Electronic Accessory - ROLAND


Multipad Sampler Roland SPD - SX 


Electronic Drum Kit:


KT 10 Bass drum

PD-8 Pads

Electronic Drums System - DDRUMS 4 SE


Ddrums 4 SE signature edition kit - Clavia


Trigger DDrums for Kick and Snare.


Electronic Drum Kit:

14" Bass drum

12" Floor tom mesh head

3 x 12" Tom mesh head

14" Snare mesh head

2 x Cymbals ddrums system

1 x Hit Hat electronic system

Rack system ddrums



Ride 20" Signature power ride Paiste.

Ride Crash 20" A custom Zildjian.

Crash 17" A custom Zildjian.

Crash 17" Alchemy model Istambul.

Crash 17" Evolution HHX Sabian.

Splash 10" Agop model Istanbul.

Hit Hat 15" Avedis quick beat Zildjian.

Hit Hat 15" Avedis A custom Zildjian.

In Ear System


*Shure SE 425 In ears headphone.

*Ultimate ears superfi 5 extended bass.

*Mixer for monitors.



Click Control System


*Akai sampler XR20




*Promark 5A

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